AT&T & Apisphere Launching Dog Finding GPS Collar & Service Later This Year

Anything that can help a pet owner reconnect with a lost pet deserves at least consideration of a mention in this blog. This is despite AT&T’s effort to write difficult to understand press release titles:

Apisphere and AT&T Join Forces to Connect Canines

You might think that the unnamed service (first error) in the title is some kind of dog dating service (“connect canines”). I’ll decompose AT&T’s press release to help you get the gist of what sounds like a potentially valuable service for dog onwers.

– Dog collar with wireless data capabilities
– The collar provides location information
– A GPS is only mentioned at the end of the press relase
– The service logic is provided by Apisphere which specializes in mobile geo-location products
– Information from the collar can be read on a phone (“handset”) or personal computer
– Alerts can be transmitted as text messages, email, video or audio alerts
– Prices for the collar and service were not provided
– The service is NOT available yet