AT&T Allowing Sling Video Over 3G: Will Video, VoIP & the iPad Overwhelm AT&T’s Network?

AT&T Wireless must feel very confident about their recent and future 3G network upgrade plans. They recently started allowing Apple iPhone users to make VoIP calls over their 3G network. Then, to everyone’s surprise, Apple announced that the upcomng iPad will have 3G service from AT&T. Then, last week, AT&T announced that it will support video retransmission over 3G by a Sling Media app.

AT&T and Sling Media Collaborate on SlingPlayer Mobile App for 3G Mobile Broadband Network

We should know by this summer if all these data-heavy products brings AT&T’s 3G wireless data network to its virtual knees (again). This will be the case even if the iPad does not see well (or if most people buy the WiFi-only models).