AT&T $2 Billion Wireless Network Upgrade Billions Short of Actual Catch-up Cost

With the iPad 3G still about 3 months away from availability, we get news (via Mashable and AP) that…

AT&T Will Spend $2 Billion To Improve Wireless Network

Sure, that sounds like good news at first. But, what did I note just a few weeks ago on January 20?…

Estimated Cost to Fix AT&T’s Wireless Network? $5 to $7 Billion – Ouch

So, AT&T’s plans for wireles network improvement still falls several billion dollars short of what is needed to bring it to parity with Verizon Wireless’ network (according to TownHall Investment Research).

AT&T’s only hope for a non-disasterous iPad 3G launch is to beef up their US WiFi network to try to keep iPad 3G users off of the 3G network.

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