Atlantic Intern Has The Worst Day Ever…Even For An Intern

From Global Security Newswire:

    The FBI arrested a California man yesterday for allegedly mailing packages with sugar packets labeled as anthrax, the Associated Press reported

    Marc Keyser, of Sacramento, Calif., is accused of mailing sugar packets labeled as anthrax in an apparent effort to warn of the dangers of bioterrorism

    The packages contained a compact disc with the label “Anthrax: Shock and Awe Terror” and included a sugar packet labeled “Anthrax sample” and displaying a biohazard symbol. …

    The FBI initiated its investigation Monday after one of the packages arrived at The Atlantic magazine in Washington, AP reported.

    After an Atlantic intern opened the package — marked with Keyser’s return mailing address, a Web site address and a phone number — supervisors assessed that the letter appeared to be a poorly crafted publicity effort for a documentary film.