‘The Atlantic’ Gains Revenue Again

Advertising profits up 19 percent

The Atlantic is bucking the trend for print publications by reporting a good year. For the 12th consecutive quarter, the magazine has posted revenue gains. Its overall advertising revenue is up 19 percent compared to the same period last year; online ad revenues have increased 41 percent, and even print ad revenues are up, by 3 percent.

The last figure seems small, but compared to other titles, which have seen a drop in print proceeds, the 3 percent rise is something to crow about. Mashable reports that print revenues for the New York Times Co. dropped 10.4 percent in the same quarter.

The Atlantic’s vice president and publisher Jay Lauf says the publication’s Web properties—theatlantic.com, theatlanticwire.com, and the newly launched theatlanticcities.com—are gaining momentum. “We have more than 40 different advertisers running on the site currently, a continuation of the strong demand we saw in the third quarter,” he said in a statement.

He added that mobile and print revenues are also strong. “Print outperformed an incredibly strong Q3 last year,” Lauf said. “And mobile—our phone and iPad app—is beginning to show up for us, too. It represented 2 percent of overall digital ad revenue in the third quarter, but I expect to report increasing percentages in 2012.”

The Atlantic posted its first profit for decades at the end of last year. Last month Adweek staff writer Lucia Moses wrote about how The Atlantic’s president Justin Smith turned round the magazine’s fortunes by running it “like a startup." In particular, Smith broke down the traditional wall between the editorial and business concerns “in a way that would encourage innovation, not stifle journalistic independence.” You can read the full article here

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