At SXSW, The Halls Were Better Than The Panels?

Susannah Breslin thinks so anyway.

Her coverage of SXSW is here. It describes a few disappointing panels:
Social Media or Sado-Masochism? Cyberbullying & Celeb 2.0.:
“[Julia] Allison deems her enemies ‘internet haters’ and offers a solution. The government should create a ‘cyber police.’ The law will be: ‘Just don’t be mean!'”
Recruiters Are Full of Shit, I Am One.:
“One of the panelists points out that if you’ve been arrested or done illegal things, you shouldn’t put that on Facebook. The sole female on the panel, a recruiter, says that if have worked for adult production companies, you shouldn’t put that on your resume if you want to work for Disney.”

It also describes a self-proclaimed “fame whore” freelancer, a man wearing a kilt who offered a lap dance to any audience member who would help him with his sites’ user interface. Uh.

It also describes a bizarre incident where the head of social media at Kodak told everyone to stop Tweeting at her panel.

I get up and walk out. I am the only person who does. Everyone else sits there. …
Outside, I tweet about what happened. Later, LaPierre sees my tweet. She retweets the part about me walking out of her session because I was told I could not tweet. She makes reference to the woman who fell into the mall fountain while texting. I am unclear on what this means: a) LaPierre wishes I would fall into a mall fountain and injure myself, b) she thinks multitasking is a bad idea, or c) she thinks I’m stupid.

Then Breslin, who’s a freelancer but looking for work, bumped into an acquaintance in the hall.
“Of my employment status, he asks, ‘Are you available?'”