Asus WebStorage Offering Eee PC Netbook Owners Unlimited Cloud Space for $39.99/Year

When I bought my Asus Eee PC T91MT way back in October, it came bundled with a year of free 500GB online storage. I noted that the annual fee after the first year of free service was $39.99. This is quite reasonable. But, checking back with…

Asus WebStorage

…I note that the $39.99 per year fee now provides that Asus calls “unlimited” online storage. I always wonder what terms like unlimited means. But, this certainly sounds like a good deal and compares well with, for example, Google’s $50 per year fee for 200GB of online storage.

These days, however, cloud services need an extra edge. Google offers value by spreading purchase Google Storage space among their other services like Google Docs and Picasaweb. I was very pleased to learn the other day that my Picasaweb photo albums appeard on my Nexus One Android phone auto-magically (I didn’t make any setting changes that I can recall).