ASUS to Launch Android Based Mobile + Tablet Combo: Padfone

ASUS has unveiled Padfone, its new smartphone and tablet combo, at the Computex. Padfone is a modular mobile package that uses an Android smartphone and a tablet it can dock into. Switching of display between the smartphone and the tablet is dynamic and the display on the phone expands itself seamlessly once connected to the tablet.  The launch is mere mockup for now and includes a 4.3-inch smartphone and a 10.1-inch tablet dock. ASUS hasn’t yet finalized the final dimensions and price of the eventual retail product.


In Padfone, the smartphone is basically the only smart aspect of this combo. The tablet dock acts as an extended display with a set of speakers, an extended battery, and an I/O extender, but it doesn’t work by itself. The concept of Padfone will make smartphones into a more useful device with a bigger display. According to ASUS, the tablet will also provide other functionalities but that’s kept as a secret for now.

ASUS has not yet commented on the compatibility between the display tablet and the subsequent smartphone generations. However, the UI will be similar to the second-gen ASUS Android tablets, according to the company.

Following are a couple of videos (worth thousand words) for your better understanding of the product.