Asus Head Gives Thumbs Down to Tablets, Thumbs Up To Smartbooks, Wearable Computers & Android/Chrome OS

Interesting commentary from Asus Chairman Johnny Shih in…

Asus: What will be the next netbook?

Couple of interesting bullet points in the article:

– 20% of laptop sales in Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA) in 2009 were netbooks
– Expected 2010 worldwide netbook sales projected to be 25 million units

– Shih is not enthusiastic about tablet computers (I wonder if this will change if Apple announces one next week?)
– He predicts Android will eventually be the OS of choice for netbooks and smartbooks because of its low cost (watch out Microsoft!)
– He believes that Chrome OS will become more widely used than Android because of its support for larger screens and multiple windows (Hmm. What prevents future versions of Android from doing the same especially since the same developers are presumably available to work on both Android and Chrome OS?)
– He believes wear-able/bend-able devices are the future.

Via Slashdot

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