Assassin Paintball – Creed Not Included

No honor, no creeds, no mercy – that is what being an assassin is all about. You are a hired gun. Your job is to take out the target at all costs, and hopefully get payed somewhere along the way. Okay, so maybe Assassin Paintball by 42 Friends isn’t quite that serious, but it does at least get the same point across… just, with paint.

Assassin Paintball is a social Facebook game that lets you put bounties on your friends and hunt them down. It plays a like a simple RPG (you do a job and the outcome is generated): You start out as a nobody assassin and have to work your way up to the top. Well, you don’t have to, but it makes it a little difficult to assassinate others if you don’t. Regardless, you begin with a little bit of cash and 10 energy and must accomplish jobs, tasks, and hits in order to level up and earn more money.

The jobs you begin with are simple, click and view the results sort of ordeals (“You went to get coffee – earned $X), but the training missions actually include short mini-games that test skills such as your reaction time and accuracy. Of course, each job or task uses up a pre-determined amount of energy so you can only do so many until it recharges. Since the recharge rate is extremely slow, you can only do so many tasks at a time (unless you are extrodinarily patient). This limits the amount of risk free cash you can earn at any given time.

Obviously, earning cash must have a point, thus you can spend it on items to upgrade your character that will help in your ability to take down your targets. In a nut-shell, that means the more gear you have, the more the random result generator will be in your favor.

This is where the key element of the game comes into play: Hunting down hits. The whole point to Assassins is to take out your friends and other competitors and collect their bounty, thus giving the player another means to earn some cash (beyond the jobs). The trick is, your character needs to be strong enough to have a chance, because many of the top players have some of the best gear you can get. Unfortunately, every shot you take uses up three energy, so you can only do this so many times as well.

Assassin Paintball is essentially a basic, PvP based online RPG. Yes, there are single player jobs, but the primary focus is easily on hunting down your friends (giving it a strong social aspect). This concept of “physically” being better than your friends adds a whole extra level of addictive game play, and with its casual design, you do not need to be a hardcore player to stand a chance.

In fact, this is the only major downside to this game is that it cannot be easily played for long periods of time, due to the limited energy. This is great for the casual player, but is rather limiting for those that would like to play more. However, it was never meant to be a hardcore game anyway. Assassin was meant to be a game where a player could log on for a few minutes, do a few things, advance a little bit and move on. The only real way to advance steadily is to simply log on every few hours for a few minutes. For that purpose, Assassin does its job well, and is most definately worth a try. Happy hunting fellow assassins.