Ask Washington Anything, Sure -But Do You Really Want To Know?

Sen. Manchin remembers how to smile.

The Atlantic and reddit have announced a new video initiative called “Ask Washington Anything,” where DC-area power brokers sit down in front of one of The Atlantic‘s cameras and answer crowd-sourced questions a la reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” series. The appeal, apparently, that netizens will be offered a chance to catch these politicos in an “unscripted moment.”


What the poor fools at The Atlantic/reddit don’t realize is that Washington-types are actually incapable of producing an unscripted moment. Even seemingly original banter with someone he or she has never met is actually usually recycled overheard banter from somewhere else, mixed with bits of Mike Allen’s Playbook, and maybe recollections from a drunken night-terror the night before.

And besides -do you really want to know what politicians are really thinking anyway? Fine, here, we’ll tell you:

“MoneymoneymoneymoneymoneymoneymoneymoneyPOWERSEXSEXPOWER(don’t get caught)moneymoneymoneymoneymoney.” -Every Politician Ever.

Nonetheless, for those who are interested in experiencing a simulated authentic experience with a DC personality -go check out these videos of BlueDogGroup Sen. Joe Manchin (D -WV), He Who Shall Not Be Crossed Grover Norquist, and the guy who actually does all the work that Michelle Obama takes credit for, Sam Kass.