Android App Available: Answers & Opinions from Real People

You may have heard net-celebraties talk about getting crowdsourced answers from their tens or even hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter or Google+. But, the rest of us often don’t have this net community as a resource. So, what are we to do? has a free iPhone app that lets you get answers and opinions from real opinions. Android users do not need to feel left out of this service anymore. just launched a free app for them.

Ask for Android (Android Market)

Android users can find the following features in the new app.

Voice to text: Simply ask questions, no typing required.
Web combined with real people: Get web results as well as top-voted published answers from other users in milliseconds.
Send a question to a real user: Want another opinion? Route the question to a live person in the Q&A community, or browse and respond to other users’ questions.
Set it and forget it: Push notifications alert you to when a new answer has arrived.
Personalize Q&A by interest: New for Android users, the app allows you to filter Q&A by topics that match your profile.
Follow feature: Follow users who provide interesting answers, and personalize your Q&A experience with content from these connections.