Print Magazine Assignment Spawns Instagram Project ‘Elders of Baltimore’

Launched July 1.

For the second issue of The Bmore Art Journal, released in June with a focus on the theme of “Money,” longtime friends Ashley Minner and Sean Scheidt put together a photo essay about local seniors. A month later, there is a follow-on Instagram project, Elders of Baltimore, seeded with a $1,000 Social Innovators Grant from local non-profit the Warnock Foundation.

From the foundation’s site:

During the [Bmore Art Journal] creative process, Scheidt posted a few outtakes on Instagram with the hashtag #EldersOfBaltimore. Much to their delight, people immediately responded by posting pics of their own relatives saying things like, “Oh, you have to interview my great aunt so-and-so!”

“Baltimore is so segregated,” says Minner, who believes everyday people are precious and deserve recognition. “Storytelling can help people see past their neighborhoods, so a grandma in Hampden can relate to a grandma in Middle East or SoWeBo.”

Once the pair get past this first launch week of daily posts, the account will update weekly. In January, they will hand off Elders of Baltimore to new stewards. Minner is a community artist; Scheidt works as a freelance photographer.

H/T: Baltimore Sun