Arts Writer Sends Huge Missive Telling You How To Do Your Job

The arts writer at the Houston Chronicle sent out a 1,400 word e-mail to tons of gallery owners and Houston cultural groups, which Gawker has reproduced in its entirety. Yes, it is ironic that this person (Douglas Britt to be specific) needed 1,400 words to tell others how to communicate effectively, but this isn’t War & Peace we’re talking about here, it’s about five pages. Not everything needs to be summarized in a Tweet.

Anyway, Britt comes across as a bit curmudgeonly, but he does give every PR person and gallery owner doing DIY PR an exact blueprint of how to get press coverage in the Chronicle. Is it worth it in that case?

The Gawker commentariat have mixed reactions, from “oh my god what a douche” to “this seems helpful, informative, and direct.”

Would this guide be something you’d print and save, as Britt suggests, or something you (or your agency) would laugh off?