Artist Painted Over by LAMOCA Releases Retrospective DVD

While still-newish LAMOCA director Jeffrey Deitch and the residents of Los Angeles might still be at odds concerning the former’s decision to paint over a mural the museum itself had commissioned, fearing its subject matter might upset its neighbors, the recent blast of publicity might wind up being at least a tiny bit positive for the artist himself. Blu, the Italian painter/filmmaker/street artist who was at the receiving end of Deitch’s whitewashing paintbrush, has just released a collection of his work on DVD. From animated wall-paintings to time-lapses of his many murals, it contains a bulk of his work from over the past 10 years. So while Blu likely would have prefered that the LAMOCA debacle had not played out as it did, perhaps the increase in DVD sales because of it might provide at least something of a cushion. Here’s the trailer: