Artist Dash Snow Dies From a Drug Overdose


One of the biggest stories in the art world this week, as it was announced late yesterday that artist Dash Snow died from a drug overdose on Monday evening. Even if you aren’t in the thick of the art scene, you likely know some of Snow’s work, from his street art to his collages to his polaroids, or simply from his hard living in the face of being the child of New York high society (his great-grandmother was Dominique de Menil and his aunt is Uma Thurman), all of which you may have seen chronicled in the huge piece written about him and his crew by Ariel Levy in New York two years ago in their “Warhol’s Children” feature. In short, he was quickly rising toward being the next big thing, if not there already. Unfortunately, his last trip to rehab didn’t seem to have stuck and in the end, the drugs wound up winning. Here’s the official report from the NY Times:

Dash Snow, a promising young New York artist, died Monday night at Lafayette House, a hotel in Lower Manhattan. He was 27 and lived in Manhattan. His death was confirmed by his grandmother, the art collector and philanthropist Christophe de Menil, who said that Mr. Snow had died of a drug overdose.