Arthur Magazine Looking for a New Partner*

Arthur magazine hasn’t put out a print issue since December of 2008, a few months after editor/founder Jay Babcock rather famously quit LA for the greener creative business pastures of Brooklyn. Not surprisingly to this Fishie, who lived in Brooklyn for a couple of years, Babcock’s tenure in New York didn’t last long. He’s been back on the West Coast for nearly a year and just wrote to let us know he’s still looking to get Arthur’s print edition back up and running. All he needs is a little help.

Although I’ve been able to clean up almost all of Arthur’s debt (magic works!), I still do not have the logistical means to resume print publication. Arthur needs a West Coast-based someone to handle its business affairs—that is, a publisher/co-owner—cuz I sure can’t do everything myself. It’s a challenging gig, fer shure, but… Know anyone?

It would be great to be able to pick up Arthur again. More info here for anyone up to the task of helping Babcock out. Think of it as a favor to music lovers and the city of Los Angeles.

*Babcock writes to clarify:

“I’ve been looking for a partner for Arthur since I was forced to buy Laris out in March 2007. It’s been four years. I didn’t just start looking for a partner now. …

“I had tried to make a go of it in LA from March 2007 forward as a 100% owner of Arthur and THERE WAS NO MONEY. I felt that I had a better chance in NYC. Of course, after Sept 15, 2008, when the bank system nearly went down, there was no way to go on, as there certainly were no people paying the monies owed to us, the investor class stopped investing in anything, and the advertising markets completely dried up (as they always do in a recession). Arthur, like many small businesses, did not have cash reserves to handle the cash flow stoppage that occurred. …

“[But now] with the debt cleared up, and advertisers outside the music industry showing interest in Arthur’s return to print, Arthur is in a good position to re-launch. But I need a partner for it who knows what they’re doing, who’s down for the cause, who’s in it for the long haul. I’m hoping that person will appear soon. If not, I think it’ll be a short time before Arthur rides into the sunset, or off to Valhalla, or into the recycle bin—if there’s any difference between the three, ha ha!”