Art on Track, Chicago’s Train-Based Gallery, Returns in August

Speaking of things to check out this summer, if you’re here in Chicago on Saturday, August 7th, you really have no other options than to cancel your plans and check out Art on Track. For the third year in a row, the non-profit group SALVO has gotten the city to lend it one eight-car CTA train for the day in which artists will install site-specific work. Visitors will pay the standard CTA fee for a tradition train ride and hop on to see the exhibits in each car as the mobile gallery circles downtown (four stops along the route will allow everyone to swap cars to see at least half of the eight cars — you’ll have to go around twice if you want to see them all, but we figure you’ve probably done that math already). Here’s the official description:

Art on Track transforms an eight-car CTA train into a spectacular exhibition for galleries and artists from all over Chicago, and beyond. Each train car will showcase unprecedented feats of creative dexterity by the artists and groups selected to re-imagine this everyday space. Situated in the heart of downtown Chicago, this melting pot of ideas and viewpoints reflects the rich diversity of the city itself, and promises work that will speak to every individual. It’s a fun event, so bring your friends, family, and art-nerd buddies. This year, Art on Track will run from 5pm to 10pm on Saturday August 7th.

Here’s a look at 2008’s Art on Track, and via PSFK, here’s from 2009.