Art Institute of Chicago Catches Ire of Bridal Parties with New Rooftop Installation

One more museum story out of this writer today, but this one is decidedly more fun (unless you happen to be one of the affected parties, of course). Yesterday, the front page of the Chicago Tribune featured a local story that clearly belonged there, given that it was sure to ruffle feathers one way or the other and get discussed as such when it started making the rounds online. The quick synopsis is that the Art Institute of Chicago recently constructed a temporary art installation, designed by artist Pae White, on the edge of its new Renzo Piano building’s rooftop terrace. All well and good, except for the bridal parties who have rented out the terrace for their wedding receptions and will now find their spectacular views of the city partially blocked. As reported by the Tribune, eleven couples thus far have filed a formal complaint and some sound as though they might be considering moving their venues (they also managed to get a soap box on which to stand on the front page of the local paper). The museum, who comes across great in the Tribune piece, is now scrambling to graciously appease the wedding renters. However legitimately wronged they may be or feel, given that they did rent the space under the assumption of having one of the best views in the city, the parties themselves don’t fare nearly as well, particularly the one couple quoted most often (a favorite: “this installation is like a clown’s nightmare”). It’s particularly difficult to elicit sympathy when they’re saying things like this: “…what they’ve selected to display in the space during wedding season is absurd.” We’re sure some of you will agree and others will side with the bridal parties, but therein lies the greatness of this great story.