Around the Design World in 180 Words: Dangerously Random Edition

The last time we called the New Yorker‘s office and asked how much they’d charge to hire out architecture critic Paul Goldberger for the day to show us around the city a bit, they hung up on us and blocked our number. Jokes on them though because now we can download the magazine’s new Goings On app for that very same phone we made that call from. Not only is it free but it features a guided audio tour through the High Line by Goldberger himself. Too bad, because on top of the fee we would have paid him, we probably would have even sprung for a hot dog too.

In something completely unrelated to both that last tidbit and really anything at all in general, artist Daniel Edwards, made (in)famous for his sculpture of a nude Britney Spears giving birth on a bear rug and later another featuring Oprah in a sarcophagus, has struck again. This time he’s captured tween-idols Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez in a piece called “Justin and Selena as One,” which features the pair conjoined, nude, and cast in bronze. If Thomas Kinkade is the “Painter of Light,” then Daniel Edwards is the “Sculptor of Things That Get Lots of Mentions on Twitter, Celebrity News Blogs, and as the Short Joke Piece That Will Close Out Your Local Nightly News.”

Finally in this cavalcade of randomness: since Barbie gets her own new AIA member-designed house, then it’s only fair that Dale Earnhardt, Jr. should get his own Hot Wheels. Granted, we understand the logical fallacy there, with Earnhardt being a real person and all, but let’s just go with it, shall we? The newly-released toy car from the famous NASCAR driver is called the “Hammerhead,” reportedly one of his childhood nicknames, and “features classic ’50s hot rod meets ’60s muscle car styling.” You can watch a selection of the design process, wherein Earnhardt himself helped, which resulted in this unintentionally sort-of funny video. It’s definitely much more funny than this branded short film for Hot Wheels featuring Jeremy Piven.