Arnold terminates LAT from press event

Capitol Weekly reports that the governor’s office deliberately snubbed the LAT in retaliation for its coverage of the SchwarzeneggerAMI deal. The paper was excluded from a series of brief interviews he gave on Monday to other California newspapers and the AP:

Notably absent from the list was the state’s largest and most powerful newspaper, the Los Angeles Times. The paper was intentionally snubbed by the governor’s office as part of a running feud with the paper over their coverage of the governor’s contract with American Media Inc.

Does the governor’s office have a particular problem with the way the LAT has handled the AMI stories or are his people just annoyed that they’ve come to light? Anyway, this would never happen if David Geffen owned the paper. He’d call Arnold, they’d have lunch, things would be smoothed out, and the LAT would get a first-look deal on all subsequent gubernatorial press events.

(link via Romenesko)