Arnold Covering All the PR Bases; Goes from 60 Minutes to Google Hangout

A media blitz these days touches many more bases than the major networks and leading daily newspapers. Witness our former Governor, who wrapped up his first week of Total Recall autobiography chest-thumping with a 2:30 p.m PT Google hangout chat hosted by What’s Trending maven Shira Lazar.

The global audience made possible by this technology was plainly obvious. Commenters awaiting the event’s start were chiming in from Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Macedonia and points beyond.

Schwarzenegger started out by suggesting that his greatest talent has always been his ability to visualize; to “see it; believe it; achieve it.” There’s no doubt about that. As Lesley Stahl noted during last weekend’s 60 Minutes report, he’s proven out that personal mantra three times on successively grander scales.

If, as Schwarzenegger indicated via another interview with the LA Times this week, he truly hopes to get back together with Maria Shriver, his visualization abilities will be put to their biggest test yet. Still, you have to hand it to Arnold for jumping into the Google hangout mix. The first question fielded from the group of eight dialed-in fans at the bottom of the video display screen (Adam) was about his 1970s day job as an LA bricklayer.

Arnold also intriguingly suggested there is “no such thing as a self-made man.” At each stage of his life, he insisted, critical help and mentoring was provided by individuals such as Joe Weider and former California Governor Pete Wilson.

Watch the archived Google hangout conversation here.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.