No Problems for Arnold… in Austria

It’s amazing what 6,000 miles of land and sea can do for a beleaguered former action hero, California Governor and once special Special Olympics figurehead.

According to an Access Hollywood dispatch, the pendulum of Austrian public opinion has swung fully back in favor of Arnold Schwarzenegger and was in evidence during his dedication today of a Thal homestead transformed into a personal museum. Apparently, locals were down on the Gov well before his love child scandal, thanks to his support of the Iraq War and death penalty:

Criticism grew after Schwarzenegger refused to pardon two convicted murderers in a row in 2005 to the point where he ordered city fathers in Graz–Austria’s second largest city where he spent his youth–to strip his name from the Graz soccer stadium and send back the city’s highest award, its ring of honor.

Since then, the mood has swung back to adulation–and Friday’s speeches reflected that. Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann, who opened the ceremonies, described Schwarzenegger as “one Austrian known by everyone in the world,” adding: “We as Austrians are proud of you.”

No doubt all this happy Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum business (many miles away from the Maria Shriver Haunted House) will be recounted at some point in Total Recall, the Arnold autobiography due in stores next fall.

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