Danny DeVito Bears Brunt of Early Schwarzenegger Jokes

One of the first things FishbowlLA heard this morning in connection with the shocking LA Times news about Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s love child was a joke on The Dan Patrick Show that Maria had always assumed the youngster was the Governator’s Twins co-star Danny DeVito.

Variations thereof are popping up all over Twitter. J.D. Crowe, a political cartoonist for Mobile, Alabama’s Press-Register, is getting heavy re-tweet action for his earlier, similar observation. Ditto for New York City YouTube talk show host Billy Eichner.

There is all manner of in-poor-taste DeVito dishing going on right now: will this new Junior cameo in a Twins sequel alongside DeVito and Schwarzenegger?; does this mean that DeVito is the kid’s uncle?; and so on.

DeVito is an active Twitter user, but don’t count on a response to the take-this-love-child-please tweets. He remains a close friend of Schwarzenegger’s and has also likely noted how dangerous it is for a celebrity to wade into the minefield of politically tinged Twitter joke territory.