Arkadium: Social gamers are much more likely to spend on Sim or building games

Part two of Arkadium’s recent research on social games monetization shows that 69 percent of purchasers have purchased in a Sim or building game. The survey was conducted with 1,576 US users 18 years and older who have played a game on Facebook before. You can read Arkadium’s first part of the report here and the second here.

Casino and card games (like Zynga’s popular Texas HoldEm Poker) come in at a distant second with only 27 percent of players having purchased there.

When asked why they purchased 51 percent of players who participated in the study responded they purchase to decorate or personalize. 44 percent responded they purchase to gain an edge.

When asked what they purchased 46 percent of purchasers said they they buy game upgrades and 52 percent said they typically stay within the $0-$5 range for in-game purchases.

The research also shows that players spend a period of time with a game before they decide to purchase in it and that once they make the decision they tend commit to one or two games.

67 percent of buyers wait more than a week before they’re convinced to purchase in a Facebook game and 49 percent of buyers report they are still playing all of the games in which they have purchased six months later. Nearly half of all purchasers only spend in one game per month and 79 percent spend in two or fewer games per month.

Not surprisingly, when asked they stopped buying in a specific game most players — 29 percent — indicated financial reasons or lost interest. 23 percent indicated they had moved on to another game, and only 15 percent said they stopped because they ran out of content.