Arianna Huffington Appearing RIGHT NOW on KCRW’s ‘Left, Right & Center’

Arianna Huffington has returned to her old stomping grounds on today’s episode of “Left, Right & Center.” Huffington has been on hiatus since selling her little blog to AOL, but she’s a long-time host of the show, dating back to her Republican days.

As an Arianna groupie, this fishie is glad to have her back on the show, albeit temporarily. It was LR&C that first turned me on to Ms. Huffington in the late ’90s, it was while listening to her caustic right-wing rants that my girl crush blossomed, and all these years later my affection continues unabated.

How I could love an exploitative media mogul so much is difficult to explain. Probably for the same reason women send marriage proposals to imprisoned serial killers. Oh, she’s talking about national debt now, I’m going to have to sign off.


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