Arianna, George, and the public domain

We weren’t going to keep harping on this Clooney/Huffington thing, but then we came across this in today’s LAT item about the incident:

Though [Huffington] sought Clooney’s approval, “I didn’t need permission because his statements are in the public domain.” Nor did she think she needed to credit the source of the statements.

Wow! I didn’t realize you can string together quotes from the public domain by anyone and post it on your blog as if the person wrote it expressly for you.

But this sure makes it easier to corral prominent people into contributing to your blog. Coming soon to FishbowlLA: posts from Donald Rumsfeld, Tara Reid, and Socrates!

(Although, just as an act of courtesy, we are going to run Socrates’ post past his publicist.)