Are Producers Turning To Students During The WGA Strike?


Charlie Rubin, one of the more engaged WGA East members in the strike, has heard from NYU students that Hollywood producers have been reaching out to them as an alternative to the picketers. From NYU News:

Charlie Rubin, the area head of television writing at the Tisch School of the Arts and the supervising producer of ”Law and Order: Criminal Intent,” said some Hollywood producers, struggling to find talent, have come to students for help.

”Two to three weeks ago there was a flurry of students getting e-mails from the Screen Play Bank by producers, and they said, ‘gee your screenplay idea looks great’ and it made some of us in the faculty worried. It was a false promise, a false interest, Rubin said.

Rubin counselled the students ”One day there will be another strike, and if you have good memories of me, I hope you can say you won’t cross the picket line.”

(image via nyu)