Are Logos Dead?

Our pal David Airey found himself in the middle of an interesting conversation this week spawned by none other than his new book, Logo Design Love. One of the contributors, Simon Manchipp from the London-based firm SomeOne, wrote on Twitter “Logos are dead. Yet we have been featured in the new book Logo Design Love as an example of how to do logos.” Airey got in touch with Manchipp, as well as one of his partners at the firm, and wound up getting into a great chat about the value of a logo in 2010. Even within the firm, there’s differing opinions, the main thrust seems to be that pulling emphasis away from the logo and focusing more attention on everything else that makes a brand is far more important today than in the past when you could hang a company’s message on a well-designed icon and that was that. One could certainly argue that that version of history has never quite existed, but we hope that’s what comes of Airey’s great post, to get people talking/thinking.