Are LA Politicians Boring?

An editorial in today’s LA Times suggests an alternate theory to explain the paper’s non-reporting of political gossip, which Mickey Kaus pointed out last month in a widely-discussed guest column. (See January 31, about half-way down, for Kaus’s discussion of the fallout and a leaked John Carroll memo): The Los Angeles Times isn’t boring; Los Angeles politicians are boring.

An excerpt:

Could it be that West Coast politicians just can’t match the personal peccadilloes of their East Coast counterparts? After all, Kaus’ prime example was that The Times had only mentioned in passing Hahn’s separation from his second wife. Compare that with how the New York City tabloids covered then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s marital woes.

Back East, a mayor gets tossed out of Gracie Mansion and sleeps on a gay couple’s couch before finally marrying The Other Woman. Here, the mayor keeps the house and the kids and, despite his sister’s best efforts, can’t get a date. Imagine the headlines: “Hahn Home for Dinner – Again,” and “Mayor Spotted at Hardware Store on Weekend.”

(More analysis at LAObserved.)

Well, if the LA Times started reporting salacious political gossip, maybe LA politicos will start behaving more salaciously in order to get more press. Build it, and they will come.