Are eReader Apps Worth Paying For?

With all of the free eReader apps out there, it is a wonder that some companies are still charging for eReaders.

Unless the app comes with content, such as Joe Kwon’s True Ghost Stories or the Pocket Cocktails app, both of which are in the top 25 paid apps, then I don’t quite understand why anyone would pay for an eReader app.

Last week, TSQUAD launched an eReader app for the iPad called the Qreader. The $4.99 app touts some features that come in most eReader, like nightmode and the ability to change the text format. Its unique feature tool is a speed-reader trainer, which is supposed to help you read faster by using a text moving control. I’m not sure that is so necessary, and its definitely $4.99 necessary.

Not to pick on the Qreader, there are others. This is just the newest that I have seen. But are eReaders really worth paying for? It has 4 out of 5 stars in the reviews. Am I missing something?

What do you think?