Architecture for Humanity Adopts a Manatee, Plans World Tour for It


Some might say the date might have something to do with this announcement, but we think Architecture for Humanity and its founder, Cameron Sinclair, are nothing if not constantly serious (the man has been interviewed byCameron Diaz after all, and she’s America’s top journalist). So you must take it as absolute truth that the charitable organization has adopted a 1200 pound manatee, named it Hugh Manatee, and are preparing take it/him on a goodwill tour across the world for the next few months. The whole tour kicks off on April 6th, Architecture for Humanity’s eleventh anniversary, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate and spread the word. Here’s a short video about the announcement and here’s some additional info:

Thanks to the support of an anonymous Japanese donor, the tour launches in Tokyo at a special Pecha Kucha event hosted by Super Deluxe on May 8, 2010. Hugh will then visit Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and India before a long journey through Africa. Then, during the 2010 World Cup, Hugh travels through South Africa before visiting construction projects Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda.

“Hugh has defied the logic that all mascots should be just focus on being cute,” Co-founder Cameron Sinclair stated “Instead of languishing in an aquarium, he’s highlighting all our great projects while educating everyone that the manatee is the most charitable animal in the animal kingdom. We’re honored to be associated with such a noble creature.”