How Do Architects Use Twitter? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Twitter provides branding, networking and information opportunities for all businesses and industries. Perceived limitations are usually pre-established and unfounded, and quickly fade away once the required effort is made.

Digital marketing agency Pauley Creative set out to survey UK architects who are on Twitter to establish how and why they used the platform, who they follow, what they tweet about and their likes and dislikes.


  • 65% of Architects surveyed had been using Twitter for over a year
  • The majority of Architects use Twitter to keep up with the latest industry news (86%) and network with industry peers (79%)
  • When asked ‘Who do you follow?’ most selected Other Architects (82%), Practices (77%) and Publications (75%)
  • 95% of Architects do find Twitter useful, primarily for the reason that it’s quick and easy to share information and keep up with the latest news
  • 99% of Architects surveyed stated that they would provide a recommendation if asked

(Source: Pauley Creative.)