Arby’s Spent $44K on Pharrell’s Silly Hat (for Charity)

In a little stunt that almost got lost in the Oscars noise as everyone and his mother (literally) shared Ellen’s selfie, Arby’s decided to buy the brown, oversized fedora that won Pharrell so much attention on Grammy night for a $44,100 steal via eBay. You know, the Vivienne Westwood one that he supposedly bought in tribute to late producer Malcolm McLaren and his 1982 classic “Buffalo Gals.”

The one that looked exactly like the black hat he wore at the Oscars last night.

As if the guy didn’t already get enough attention…

Some details after the jump.

The pop star recently put his hat up for auction to benefit From One Hand to Another, his charity non-profit which provides educational services to kids in underserved at-risk communities. The roast beef specialists just had to buy the thing, which obviously needs to be displayed in the most prominent possible location. Based on this morning’s headline, we’ll say it was probably a worthwhile purchase.

The chain will have to pony up to complete Pharrell’s collection, however. Dude likes his hats.

Before you head over to Jezebel for the “Meryl Streep sort of dancing to ‘Happy'” GIF you never knew you needed, be honest: who wore it better?



[Pic via Mike Coppola/Getty Images]