Appsplit Lets You Raise Crowd Funding For Your App

Do you feel like your app has gotten lost on Kickstarter or IndieGogo? Now there is a crowd sourced fund raising site specifically dedicated to funding apps. It’s called Appsplit and it lets you raise money for your app, sell your source code and connect with the talent that you might need to create your app.

The website explains how it works:

appsplit has three campaign types, each to help you with a different need. Are you looking to raise funds for your app?  That’s what the fund campaign is for.  Set a goal, set some rewards and launch a campaign to fund your project. Are you looking to sell your app?  The sell campaign can help you.  Simply list some information about your app and put it up for sale on the site. Not ready to part ways yet but you need some extra help?  The develop campaign can help you.

The featured fundraising campaign this week is for an app called Vevue, which lets you “instantly record and share 30 second video reviews.” The campaign is looking to raise $10,000 to come to fruition.