Apps Updated for my iPhone & iPad in the Past Week: 49

Forty-nine of the apps for my iPad &/or iPhone were updated in the past week. Apps that do not have comments in the list below indicates that the update is simply a bug fix release or an Apple iOS 4.x compatibility update with, perhaps, some bug fixes.

The 911 Memorial 2.0 New sections: Shanksville, PA & The Pentagon; How to Tour Explore the Memorial; Gallery of openning day

ABC News 3.3

ABC Player 1.3.0006

AccuWeather for iPhone 5.0.1

Animoog 1.0.1 Background audio support. 4-beat count-in in record module. Random Preset button. Teimres page.

Apple Store 2.0 Refer to: Apple Store App EasyPay: Shop in an Apple Store Without Every Dealing with Apple Staff 1.7.2

Blastr 3.0 Refer to: Blastr 3.0 for iOS Update Enables Science Fiction Sharing & More

Comics+ 3.71 In-comic video support. Some comics will have video bonusfeatures in the near future.

Digg 2.1.1

Dragon Dictation 2.0.14

Dropbox 1.4.6

Echofon for Twitter 5.0.2

Editions by AOL 1.1.7 Available in UK and Canada

E*TRADE Mobile Pro for iPad 1.1.5

Google Books 1.2.2

GoodNotes 2.2 Export documents from home screens. WiFi file transfer.

GoodReader for iPad 3.10.2 GoodReaderUSB updated to support Downloads folder.

HowStuffWorks for iPad 1.1.2

Hulu Plus 2.4.1

i.TV 3.4.1

Instagram 2.0.5

Magic Piano 3.0.1

MetalStorm: Wingman 4.0.2

Movies by Flixster 5.0 Download movies in digital Ultraviolet cloud collection to device.

My Country 1.11 New Mystery Quests and Timed Quests.

My Sketch 1.7 Dotted sketch mode for close-up photos.

NHK WORLD TV for iPad 1.2.0

NPR for iPad 2.2

Oink 1.0.1 Metric support.

Pro HDR 4.0 Filters and frames. Captioning. Edit single images. SElf-timer.

Qwiki 1.2

Rdio 1.2.5

River of News for Google Reader 1.4.1 Removed features no longer supported by Google Reader.

Roambi Analytics Visualizer 4.0.40082

Slate Magazine 1.4.1

Snapseed 1.3.1

SoftBox Pro for iPad 1.0.7 Mobile Speed Test 2.1.2

Splashtop Remote Desktop

Spreaker Radio 2.1 Refer to: Spreaker 2.1 Podcasting App Update Provides Sharing Via Twitter Too Now

Stanza 3.2

Starbucks Card Mobile 1.7

TED 1.6.2

Trade Nations 3.5.2

USA TODAY for iPad 2.0.6


Yelp 5.4.3

Zillow 4.6.1