Apps Updated for my iPhone & iPad in the Past Week: 30

Thirty of the apps for my iPad &/or iPhone were updated in the past week. Apps that do not have comments in the list below indicates that the update is simply a bug fix release or an Apple iOS 4.x compatibility update with, perhaps, some bug fixes. Apps with an asterisk (*) preceding the app name indicates an app on my iPad.

AAA Discounts 1.5 Updated graphics for retina display

AirMusic 1.4.1

* Bing for iPad 1.1.1

Bloomberg 2.11.1 2.4.1 Encryption for individual files

Calvetica Classic 3.7.1 Renamed from Novetica

Camera+ 2.3 Ability to add captions on photos. Photos uploaded to Facebook in full resolution.

Dijit Universal Remote 2.5.1

* Find My iPhone 1.2.1

FLUD 1.1.6 Facebook Wall Links

GLMPS 1.01 iPad 2 compitible; issues with audio still present

goGlyph 1.1

Google Translate 1.1.1

Google+ Huddle settings. Aggregated circle and notifications. iPod touch and iPad (no display scaling support)

Learn Japanese Vocabulary – Free 3.1.1

Meporter 1.1.4

* Merriam-Webster Dictionary HD 1.1 Favorites feature lets you keep a list of interesting words

* NBC 1.2.0

* News360 for iPad 2.1

* PaperPort Anywhere 1.0.1

Seafood Watch 3.0.6

Showyou 2.0 Redesigned iPad UI

Sonic Lighter 1.3.5 New polls

Steer Clear Mobile 2.0.1

* Syfy for iPad 1.2 Multitasking enabled

Tap Tap Glee 1.0.1 More free music

TeamViewer HD 6.0.9279 Copy files to and from a remote PC

(Kno) Textbooks 1.5 Journal: Transfer multimedia notes/clips to a digital notebook. Quiz Me: Turn any diagram in a texbook or PDF into a quiz. Optimized Reading View: Auto-zooming of pages.

The Weather Channel 4.0.0 New Social section features local weather related tweets