Apple Sued over iTunes Store

Not everyone showing interest in Apple these days is doing so because of the iPhone SDK. Yesterday a company called ZapMedia sued Apple claiming that the iTunes Store infringes on two of its patents.


The suit, filed in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, alleges that the digital media distribution technology Apple uses for the iTunes Store is covered under a patent ZapMedia applied for in 2000 and received in 2006, Macworld reports. ZapMedia was awarded a second, related patent on Tuesday, the day before it filed the lawsuit.

According to the article, ZapMedia claims that Apple was aware of the patents but kept right on using the technology “in a manner that is objectively reckless.” Saying that it believes Apple will not stop infringing on the patents, ZapMedia is seeking “monetary damages and a permanent injunction against Apple,” Macworld says.

Apple hasn’t commented on the matter.