Apple’s Mobile Products Now Make Up Three-Quarters of Revenue

iPads and iPhones fueled more than half of the revenues for Apple’s record breaking holiday quarter. The interesting statistics to note are that 160 million iOS devices have been sold cumulatively and that Apple has sold 14.8 million iPads.

Revenues from the iPad alone now make up nearly one-fifth of Apple’s overall take. If you add everything up from iPads to iPhones to iPods to ‘Other Music-Related Products and Services’ (e.g. iTunes store sales, iPod services and third-party and branded iPod accessories), mobile products now make up three-quarters of Apple’s overall revenue.

The other thing to note is the rise of Asia as a meaningful source of customers for the company. Revenue in Asia, excluding Japan, nearly tripled to $5 billion from $1.8 billion during the same quarter a year ago. If you add Japan and Asia-Pacific together, they now make up about one-sixth of the total number of units sold every quarter.