Apple Extends Mobile Ad Platform to Developers

Apple is extending its burgeoning new iAd mobile advertising platform to app developers themselves.
Via the new iAd for Developers initiative, companies and individuals that produce mobile apps can now market them across Apple’s iAd Network.
Earlier this month, Apple introduced its iAd advertising platform, which helps mobile developers monetize their apps by delivering ads which run within the applications themselves — without diverting mobile users to the Internet. Participants in that program are able to retain 60 percent of the associated ad revenue while also tracking basic metrics, such as click-through rates.
Now, Apple wants to help these same developers promote their own wares via the new network to “millions of users,” according to a company statement. While Apple doesn’t report how many apps or exactly how many users are reached by the iAd network, it reported last month that brands such as AT&T, Best Buy, Campbell Soup, Chanel, Nissan and Target had signed aboard. Overall, the network has received over $60 million in ad commitments for 2010.
Like those advertisers, developers will receive access to campaign data such as revenue and click-through rates as part of purchasing inventory on the network. Apple also provides developers with information on how to best incorporate ads within their apps, including tips on design, ad size and consumer experience.

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