Apple Didn’t Always Have Such Great Designers

Apple is known today for their elegant designs with muted colors and minimal details, but that wasn’t always true.

Back in the mid-1980s someone had the bright idea that Apple should start a clothing and fashion accessories line. They slapped Apple’s logo on all sorts of stuff, including the usual items like briefcase, laptop case, jewelry, and a notepad. That’s not so unusual, and even the several pieces of office furniture shouldn’t raise an eyebrow.

But Apple also decided to market their own wine as well as a line of very brightly colored sports clothes. The colors are so garish that I do wonder if the word “fashion” meant something different in the 1980s. Apparently back then it included vibrantly colored short-shorts, polo shirts, and jackets. High style also included wearing 2 shirts, a sweater, and a jacket all at once.

See, this is an example of why you should always be careful about what you do. Who knows when it might show up on the internet. You can check out the full catalog of Apple’s fashion line over on imgur, where someone has uploaded a set of page scans.

via imgur