Apple CarPlay, Boeing Black Phone Revealed in New Videos

Mobile tech to spy for

We got a closer look at two titillating technologies today. And both Apple’s CarPlay and Boeing’s Black Phone are the next level of secret agent style.

CarPlay is the new name for Apple's in-car operating system, which is being developed for Volvo, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and other partners. Today, consumers got a first look at what an Apple car looks like, with Volvo showing off its version.

The car’s control panel resembles the home screen of an iPad with its black background and a few handy apps like Apple Maps and iTunes Radio. The auto version of the operating system shows why it was a good idea to redesign iOS last year—app icons, with flatter design, easily transfer to another format like a dashboard console.

And CarPlay integrates with Apple’s voice-activated assistant Siri for hands-free functions.

Meanwhile, Boeing posted the first promotional video for its new smartphone, the Black Phone. The company's first smartphone was designed with security and corporate clients like the U.S. military in mind, offering features like "modularity," which enables the user to access satellites. This promo is the most detailed look at the Black Phone so far.