Apple iPad 2 Event: Live Updates

Apple is hosting a press conference today to reveal the new iPad 2. We’re following live blog coverage of Apple’s press conference today from Gizmodo and Engadget, to give you the latest details.

10:05 am Steve Jobs takes the stage.

10:06 iBooks iTunes now has 200 million accounts. Random House will add 17,000 books to the iBookstore.”

10:07: Apples recently shipped 100 millionth iPhone.

10:08 15 million iPads sold in 2010. Honeycomb only has 100.

10:13 Video about how great the iPad is, is shown.

10:10 There are 65,000 iPad apps.

10:16 Schools and hospitals use iPads.

10:17 iPads help autistic kids.

10:18 It’s official. The iPad 2 is announced. It has a new design.

10:20 It will be faster. Up to 2x faster CPU and 9x faster graphics.

10:21 It will be the first dual core tablet. (UPDATE: Jobs claims it would be the first dual core tablet to ship in volume).

10:22 33% thinner at 8.8mm. Thinner than the iPhone 4.

10:23 It will work with AT&T and Verizon.

10:24 It will have 10 hours of battery life and be offered for the same price as existing iPad.

10:25 $499-829 depending on size and plan.

10:26 It comes out in the U.S. March 11th. In Europe, March 25th.

10:27 It includes an HDMI video out. Mirrored video output, 1080 video output (aka high def).

10:28 Video output cable is $39.

10:29 iPad 2 case, is a tiny sleeve that works more like a cover.

10:30 It peels back, which looks pretty cool, and automatically turns the iPad on when you open it up.

10:31 Wow, the microfiber case lining cleans the screen.

10:33 The cases come in lots of colors. Poly urethane cases are $39, leather are $69.

10:34 iTunes iOS 4.3 will include home sharing.

10:35 iOS 4.3 will have better Safari performance and Air Play ability to access all of your content over WiFi.

10:36 iOS 4.3 will add personal hotspot for the iPhone 4.

10:38 iPad 2 has two new cameras (hello, Skype!).

10:39 FaceTime comes to the iPad!

10:41 4.3 update will be out March 11th.

10:43 iMovie is coming to the iPad.

10:47 More than 50 sound effects come with iMovie. Now not only can you read your eBooks on the iPad, you can make pretty cool book trailers on it as well!

10:49 The iMovie app for the iPad 2 is only $4.99.

10:51 The iPad will now have a Garage Band app.

10:56 Apple has updated its product page to include the iPad 2.

10:58 Lots of details about Garage Band, various instruments, tools for learning how to play, etc.

11:00 Watch the iPad 2 video here

11:03 Note that you can email songs from the Garage Band app and videos from the iMovie app.

11:04 Garage Band 2 is also $4.99.