Appia Is a Way for Developers to Self-Serve Ads

New mobile tools

Appia is looking to lure new mobile ad sellers to its networks with new self-serve tools.

The app advertising firm, which helps mobile developers drive installs and monetize through marketing, is opening its platform to more publishers, it said. The company made its announcements at the Apps World conference in San Francisco today.

Appia typically works with a limited number of publishers to deliver ads from app developers like King, the maker of Candy Crush Saga.

The company generates 1 billion ads a month on apps and the mobile Web that promote app installations. The business has led to 70 million app installs.

The cost per install has been rising, taxing all developers, but especially smaller ones.

“The average is $1 to $2 per install, but what we’re seeing is that in certain geographies like the U.S., Western Europe and parts of Asia, those rates are much higher,” said Jud Bowman, CEO of Appia.

There has been a push in the app industry to not just generate installs, but to promote quality installs with users who return lifetime value.

Bowman said Appia’s self-serve tools would increase the inventory for app install ads as more publishers sign up. Sixty-five were ready to go today, he said.

More developers have also been advertising as the industry grows and becomes flush with cash. Last quarter, Apple shared $2 billion with iOS developers, Bowman said.

The mobile ad business has been growing with companies like MoPub opening new advertising avenues for developers. Twitter bought MoPub last year, and it is delivering native ads to app partners.

Appia said its revenue rose 350 percent in 2013 year over year. The company also announced $11 million in new financing last year.