AppData: Christmas App Developers Seeing Viral Growth

Our sister site AppData is a useful tool for spotting new trends on the Facebook Platform. For developers and journalists interested in spotting the next big thing, checking out the top gaining applications can often elicit trends on what’s coming in the near future. (For those interested in digging deeper, charts for the top gaining applications of different audience size or category are also freely available.)

If you look at the Top Gainers By Percent This Week leaderboard, it would be impossible to miss the theme this week: Even though Black Friday is still a week away, it’s already Christmastime on the Facebook Platform. 50% of the top 15 fastest growing apps this week are pretty simple apps with Christmas/winter themes. Taking basic applications that have proven successful and wrapping them in seasonal look & feel can be an easy way to get distribution on Facebook.

To learn more, check out the 7 apps below.

1. Santa Yourself +240,145 MAU, up 1330% this week

2. Throw Snowballs +103,153 MAU, up 129.6% this week

3. Snowball Fight +189,231 MAU, up 107.3% this week

4. Holiday Shoppe +41,651 MAU, up 43.0% this week

5. Kiss Under the Mistletoe +57,895 MAU, up 41.7% this week

6. Christmas Music Tree +61,105 MAU, up 36.5% this week

7. Christmas Countdown +41,220 MAU, up 36.4% this week