Apparently This Is Real: Your Next Job Could Be On ChatRoulette

Your next job might just be on ChatRoulette., a web site where feuding friends or couples ask complete strangers to arbitrate arguments, posted a job today looking for two people to interview ChatRoulette users “while role playing using various personas (i.e. acting).”

As far as we can tell (we’ve e-mailed SideTaker asking for more deets but haven’t yet heard back), the person will be asking ChatRoulette users questions submitted by other SideTaker users, but we don’t really know. UPDATE: Justin Marinos, founder of Sidetaker, wrote us with a fascinating response about “seeing” anonymity online. Click the jump to read it.

Luckily, you’re allowed to hit the “next” button if you come across any genitalia.


This is the future of the Internet?


Here’s what Marinos wrote us when we asked him for more information on the job..thing:

We want to ‘see’ anonymity. So often you only get to read it online. Chatroulette (et al.) gives a little more insight into this and it’s honestly fascinating to us. So we want to interview the ChatRoulette users and compare them across other copycat services which go a step further to break down that wall of anonymity ( verifies .edu addresses, uses facebook verification) and then compare the differences in character and characters (if there are any).

Since focuses primarily on relationships (and anonymity), we want to poll users of all these services with relationship questions and get some insight into their thinking on different topics and recent discussions on our site.

ChatRoulette has become somewhat of a phenomenon and we love the idea of getting random answers to these questions.

The job is simply designed for a male and a female to interview people of the opposite sex on these services, trying to engage with everyone possible. We’re not asking them to identify these users. They’ll have a script of interview questions to ask. And they can do it in any manner they see fit as long as they get the interviews. If they wanna dress up to mask their own identity, that’s fine. Role play is no problem. If they want to become another ‘Mervin Piano Player’ to keep people connected, they can do that. They will need to keep track of how many times they ‘next’ people, how many times they are ‘nexted,’ and how long if they can engage before it’s a mutual ‘nexting.’ A few other stats to record but nothing major.

Since so many can qualify to do it and a true resume isn’t really needed, the application became the facebook fan page simply because it satisfies at least 1 criteria for the position (have a facebook account). It also gives a picture and the possibility to add a sample video or wall engagement. We’ll maybe pick the top 50 or so and do a skype interview with each to see which are the most fun and could really capture an audience. Then pick 2 from those.

That’s about it in a nutshell. The job itself is temporary lasting until we feel we’ve captured enough data (or ChatRoulette would die out), but it was never meant for a career position. Any other questions just ask.