Apparently The LES Has More To Offer Than Crackheads And Bloggers

We realize this is two Times shout-outs in a row but we discovered this story, well-placed on page 483 of Arts and Leisure, and just can’t let it lie, much as we might like to. Every week we’re reminded of just how on the pulse of the culturescape they are, and every week we’re shocked. This time,it’s no different. Apparently there are businesses on the Lower East Side. And some of these businesses are in the business of buildings. Robin Pogrebin, amazingly, has discovered the Lower East Side. No.

In recent years, as young architects abandon established firms employing dozens of associates to strike out on their own, many of them have congregated in the dilapidated former tenements and discount shops around Delancey Street, not far from the Williamsburg Bridge.

We have no words.

Several of the architects live on the Lower East Side and walk or bike to work. They meet to exchange ideas or gossip over drinks in the Kelly green chairs at the Magician on Rivington Street, or for coffee at the Ini Ani espresso bar on Stanton Street, whose funky interior was designed by one of their own: LTL, which is the largest presence at 147 Essex. Because architects who go solo typically work in isolation, this kind of camaraderie is a rare commodity.

First, we thought the Magician was ours. Second, don’t ever call our Ini Ani funky. And third, this story definitively, absolutely, and unqualifiedly counts as Old News. Yeah. We went there. And, sadly, we’ll probably have to go again.