App Override for Android Lets You Personalize Any App’s Settings

Many built-in settings on an app can’t be changed within the app. But App Override from Runaway Fridge can help you personalize your Android app experience on any app. The app lets you change the screen orientation, font size, input method, and automatic screen time-out of any other app, for instance.

Maybe you want the app to have a minimum CPU speed. The company’s developer forum explains an instance in which you might like that:

Let’s say your just going to be listening to music and would like to save battery at the same time, but you dont want to do that because your [sic] too lazy to switch back to an application to underclock then return to the normal clock speed when needed again, so with this app, you can specify that when your favourite music player if [sic] launched, your device’s clock speeds will reduce.

App Override will present you with a list of the apps you have installed on your phone and you simply have to tap on the app to see a menu that will let you go in and change the settings for that particular app. There is even a feature that lets you add your own configurations called, “What to Control.”  (Via LifeHacker).

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