App Categories Like Virtual Music Instruments May Get a Second Wind on the iPad

YouTube video courtesy of nutdan

I’ve been fascinated by the emergence of unexpected iPhone app categories like “amusing entertainment” (iFart & Koi Pond) and social music creation (Smule’s Ocarina and I Am T-Pain) since iPhone apps first appeared in the summer of 2008. I’ve been especially interested in the virtual musical instrument app category. Some like Ocarina literally seemd like a perfect fit for the iPhone’s physical size. Others like guitar and piano virtual instruments were also well done. However, the iPhone seemed too physically small to really get a critical mass of people interested in them.

Here an interesting example: I received a press release for this $2.99 (introductory price) sheet music player-piano app recently:

Etude 1.0 (iTunes App Store)

It looks like a well-done interesting app. But, the iPhone seems a bit too small to really let it shine. However, a device with a larger screen like the iPad might be the right platform to showcase this app and others that are visually squeezed on the iPhone’s small screen (piano and guitar virtual instruments come to mind). I think the iPad will launch or relaunch a number of new interesting app categories just because of its larger screen size. I’m waiting anxiously to see what clever developers will be doing with it in the months to come. – Etude product page