AP, Equiom Labs Launch StyleGuard – Like Spellchecker For AP Style

The AP has launched a product that integrates with Microsoft Word to check your documents for AP style. While grammar and spell-check has been around for ages, this may be the first time that a tool has been introduced to catch mistakes that would only be mistakes in newswriting.

Equiom Linguistic Labs and works like other proofing tools power the product: just run it and it will tell you if their is any error in your writing. It also will underline errors just like Microsoft’s usual spell-check. Each correction shows you the corresponding rule so you know why it made the correction.

You need to be an AP stylebook online subscriber and the software only works on Windows, but it will help you improve your miswriting whether you be a journalist, PR professional, or anyone else who needs to use AP stile. You can also install other style guides, right now there is only one for chemicals but we could see how a Chicago Manual of Style or MLA guide would be useful and probably not too far of.

Personally, we think this is a brilliant idea and can’t see how it could go wrong in NE way. After all this post were spell and grimmer checked in Microsoft Word and its fine.